Precision uses CATIA 5 software to program its equipment. CATIA brings together the Design, Functional, Engineering and Architectural characteristics of a product definition, to enable integration at the level of the complete product.

The software delivers value to address the real challenges of the industry and is used by all the major first and second tier aircraft design and manufacturing companies.

  • Design and program easily in the context of large products with configurations
  • Real time concurrent engineering with integrity, security & traceability
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration on products & systems

All participants in product programming can work with agility in the context of the complete product, always confident that the data is correct and up to date. This saves time, ensures that company standards are met and accelerates the ability due to real time collaboration: anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Precision’s ERP solution is Quantum Control. This software designed specifically for the aerospace industry is used in over 1000 aerospace businesses. As a business enterprise system it is an intuitive and scaleable solution managing purchase orders, the quotation process, sales orders and invoicing management, physical inventory including finished goods, raw materials and work in progress. Quantum uses Oracle’s API tool set.